Our Journey

For many people who are close to us, and have prayed with us for many years, you are already familiar with our journey. Part of my reason for posting and creating a blog is so that I can look back after my little one is born and as he grows and always remember the moments that brought me to this place.

Will and I got married five years ago. We were 21 and 24, which to a lot of people seems very young. I guess that is true! but it was perfect. God set a plan in motion back then bringing us together and we all know that when God creates something ‘it is good’ and right.

In the first year of marriage, we were both really busy with school and looking for work and enjoying all the excitement that comes with being newly married, (which we are still enjoying…in case anyone was concerned).

After about a year and a half, in June of 2010. My mom had some concerns that she shared with us, and asked us to pray for. She still had testing to undergo but doctors appeared worried that she may have cancer. It was all early and my mom didn’t even want to tell anyone because she didn’t want us to worry but my dad asked us to pray.

In all my humanity, and as a child worried for her mom I prayed…but I also worried. I started considering a world of possibilities in my head and living in a land of ‘what ifs’ the biggest one being ‘what if something happens to my mom?’

Now to all you women out there who have lost their moms and have started families and not had their moms to call  when they don’t know how to handle a situation, or to call to celebrate with because your baby takes his or her first steps, you are strong! I can only imagine that struggle, and I couldn’t imagine being strong enough to be in a situation like that.

In November 2006, my big sister Naomi passed away quite suddenly. We are an incredibly close family and this news hit us all really hard. Will and I were friends than and he attended the funeral with me. He stuck by my side and got to see first hand how difficult this was on all of us, and one of the worst feelings was that he never had a chance to meet this very special woman in my life. On our wedding day, at our reception I cried, because I missed her so much and it hurt that she never got to meet this man that I love so much. She won’t get to see my family grow, and its painful to know that although she is watching from heaven she wouldn’t get a chance to laugh at Will’s jokes, hug me again, and hold our first baby.

When I got the news about my mom, these were the worries that were racing through my mind. Will and I had talked about family, and we both knew it was something we wanted but we hadn’t really talked about when we were going to start trying for a family. When I shared these concerns with him, and we discussed in length about what comes with raising a family. We decided that we were going to make every moment count and that now was the time to try.

We were just going to trust and try…we began trying and in the mean time God answered our prayers, after a few weeks of worrying we received news from my parents that after all the testing was complete, that the doctors had no other concerns, that my mom was cancer free and healthy, Praise God!

Now obviously, there is a lot more to this story because if we began trying to have a baby after being married for a year and a half and have recently had our 5 year anniversary than there was a lot of time in between. I will get to that, but as I think back to the very beginning I am so blessed now to have had even these past three and a half years with my mom, she teaches me something new every year and she is such an incredible blessing to me. She has brought me strength in moments of weakness and has shared in great joys. I am blessed and excited for the moment she gets to see her new grandson.

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