Our Stay at Sick Kids (Part 3): Treatment

So, when I say Daniel began to improve within 24 hours of being on treatment, what I meant by that is clinically he began to get better, he was placed on a daily dose of a protein injection known as anakinra to treat his unknown auto inflammatory disorder. The doctors confirmed that he does in […]

Our stay at Sick Kids (Part 2): Our little surprise…

The doctors have been marvelous but let me explain something, this is how at least in our lives God is real and actively working. Because everything about Daniel’s journey has lined up in just a way to prove he is a living, breathing miracle, specially gifted to us by God. Let’s look at a brief […]

Our Stay at Sick Kids (Part 1) – MAS

I have to be completely clear about something, because for many according to my last post all you heard was the negative side of our Canadian health care system but let me be perfectly clear, the doctors and nurses and staff at Toronto Sick Kids are exceptional! They have dedicated countless hours not just to […]

Needing Answers

At six months of age Daniel had his doctors appointment. He had developed so well the doctor felt confident in saying he was “corrected age” meaning he was no longer a preemie baby but a healthy normal  6 month old. The only thing about Daniel that seemed somewhat unusual was a rash that appeared to […]

Jump forward

Wow! jump forward 2.5 years and that’s how far we have come…who would’ve thought that having a baby would take up so much time that you wouldn’t be able to sit down and blog, Well a lot has happened in those 2.5 years and our miracle baby has been revealed to us as that in […]

Our Journey

For many people who are close to us, and have prayed with us for many years, you are already familiar with our journey. Part of my reason for posting and creating a blog is so that I can look back after my little one is born and as he grows and always remember the moments […]