The “F” Word

We have an “F” word in our house–to us it’s probably worse than the real “F” word because it means having one of “those” days. The F word to us is “fever”. When we hear or see or come in contact with fever it’s one of those situations where we high tail it and run, […]

Welcome to our Fun House – pt.1

So it’s been about 6 months since you have heard from Daniel and the Kinchlea family–it’s high time for an update. First, I want to say our beautiful baby girl is growing so much and the love between her and Daniel is so special. When I was growing up, my family and I lived near […]

Welcome to our Fun House – pt. 2

Day to day, we’re making it through, though sometimes it has been difficult. Will’s vacation days at work were all used up earlier in the year, so the last 6 months I have found myself often sitting in pediatric oncology or a doctors office waiting for blood work and appointments with a 2 year-old, an […]

A Summer of Answered Prayers

Hello All, so it has probably felt like a while since you have received an update from the Kinchlea family so I thought it was high time I reconnect with you all. We have received a wonderful summer of peace. We know that is a clear result of your constant prayers, We have certainly had […]

Waiting Game – Daniel Syndrome

I am realizing it has been a while since I last posted, and I am sorry I haven’t kept up with it as much as I really wanted to. The truth is the further along in my pregnancy, the more exhausted I am, and the less energy or brain power I have after Daniel goes […]

Living with Dexter

I wanted to share a little more in depth what happened following our stay in Toronto, so as I previously mentioned Daniel (and Will and I) were discharged from Sick Kids on February 14th. We returned to work, daycare etc. and Daniel continued on the steroid treatment as well as his regular dose of anakinra […]

Sick Kids – Part 4: Going Home

I thought this was an appropriate evening to sit down and right my next post, mostly because I am feeling somewhat emotional – so bare with me if there is some ranting, but also because I wanted to share what ‘going home’ means for us. We were thrilled when the doctors told us that we […]

Our Stay at Sick Kids (Part 3): Treatment

So, when I say Daniel began to improve within 24 hours of being on treatment, what I meant by that is clinically he began to get better, he was placed on a daily dose of a protein injection known as anakinra to treat his unknown auto inflammatory disorder. The doctors confirmed that he does in […]

Our stay at Sick Kids (Part 2): Our little surprise…

The doctors have been marvelous but let me explain something, this is how at least in our lives God is real and actively working. Because everything about Daniel’s journey has lined up in just a way to prove he is a living, breathing miracle, specially gifted to us by God. Let’s look at a brief […]

Our Stay at Sick Kids (Part 1) – MAS

I have to be completely clear about something, because for many according to my last post all you heard was the negative side of our Canadian health care system but let me be perfectly clear, the doctors and nurses and staff at Toronto Sick Kids are exceptional! They have dedicated countless hours not just to […]